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Electric Wood Sawdust Biomass Fuel Pellets Machine 25000-30000kg/h

Wood biomass pellet machine is a new biomass fuel production machinery by using crushed sawdust . Compared with the old machine, it obsorbed the essence of horizontal ring die and flat-die Pellet Mill Machine, solved the insufficient pressure, die crack problems of horizontal ring die pellet machine, and overcame the small capacity, high failure rate of flat die wood. pellet making machine.

The vertical ring die pellet machine is mainly used for the production of straw fuel pellets, with large output and high pellet density. It is widely used as a substitute for coal and gas, such as biomass fuel boilers, biomass power plants, hospitals, and foreign household fireplaces. Therefore, users need to choose the appropriate granulation equipment according to the output and use of finished granules.

Main Motor

Material Pulling

power(kw) drive
Electric oil pump

Voltage(v)380V, 3-P AC380V, 3-P AC380V, 3-P AC380V, 3-P AC380V, 3-P AC
Pellets size(mm)4-124-124-124-124-12
Raw material moisture(%)15-2515-2515-2515-2515-25
Dead weight(t)876.55.62.9
Ring die inner Dia.(mm)700600600560450
Production capacity(t/h)2.5-32-2.51.8-21.2-1.50.8-1
Parameters of electric Wood Sawdust Biomass Pellets Machine